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Biscuit Smith and Mark Mitten at the Compton Archery Rendezvous in 2011

Broadhead Seconds On SALE!
From time to time we get broadheads that don't meet our specs. They might be a bit light or heavy, the grind may be off a bit, the paint might have blemishes. Whatever the reason, for a limited time, we are selling these for half the normal price. Since these normally go fast we don't post them on the website, please call 337-463-6420 for availability. Note: Seconds are not covered by our lifetime warranty.

Here at Thundervalley Archery, we build some of the most effective high-carbon steel broadheads in the world. Our broadheads have taken everything that walks on this planet and we back them up with a full lifetime guarantee.

As bowhunters, it's important to us to have broadheads that are precision made, strong, consistent, and easy to re-sharpen. Our broadheads are among the best ever made and one of the reasons is that we believe in keeping it simple. You know, "If it aint broke don't fix it."

Our high-carbon double bevel broadheads are simple in design, and effective in harvesting animals quickly. We're proud of our broadheads, we manufacture all the Magnus carbon steel broadheads including the well known Deadly Snuffer 3-blade broadheads. Both lines are available in screw-in models for carbon and aluminum arrows and glue-on versions for wood arrows.

Why are our broadheads so effective? They're manufactured from top quality high-carbon steel because it takes a razor sharp edge, there are no moving parts to fail, their cut on contact design is extremely efficient and anyone can afford them. The bottom line? They're simply the best.

Whether you shoot crossbows, compound bows, longbows, or recurve bows - our broadheads are proven performers. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

They'll get the job done for you every time and they're guaranteed for life!

For our 2-blade & 4-blade cut on contact broadheads.

For our deadly 3-blade Snuffer cut on contact broadheads.